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war on halloween - 10.24.2011

Frankenstein Vs. Santa?

Okay, just a short post today, as I'm working on a bigger political post for tomorrow or Wednesday. Another Halloween post... what can I say, tis the season!

Of course I used 'tis the season' for a reason (hey that rhymed!). Of course, this time every year, there are reports in the news about schools or town councils across the country trying to ban Halloween parades, costumes, etc. It seems many Evangelical churches are in on the gig, too. Now, I find an irony here, and I'll explain in a moment.

The motivation is that Halloween is somehow an "evil holiday", and therefore, banning students from dressing up, prohibiting neighborhoods from putting up Halloween decorations, protesting Halloween festivities at community centers are all steps to take to try to dissuade people from celebrating the holiday.

Yeah, good luck with that one, guys.

The irony I find is that when December rolls around, these very people are arguing that there's a War on Christmas: that Santa has replaced Jesus and that stores that say "Happy Holidays" with the intention of being inclusive of people that are celebrating more than just one holiday in winter is somehow an assault on Christianity. The claim being that they have the right to celebrate their holiday, have their favored holiday's decorations adorn Court House lawns, etc.

Is it not a double standard? Just because they dislike Halloween doesn't give them the right to try to ban it and ruin the fun for the rest of us, just like they say that no one has the right to rain (or, rather, snow) on their streetside carolers and nativity re-enactments.

Call me crazy, or hell even agree with me, that perhaps we should all just learn to live and let live and be inclusive of everyone? I personally feel, specifically regarding Christmas, that saying "Happy Holidays" and not being so, how shall I put this, Santa-centric is much preferable than any alternative because it includes people of all faiths and people of no faith -- it's a nice way of wishing everyone happiness and cheer in a dreary time of year. Isn't inclusiveness and "good will toward men [and women]" the whole POINT of Christmas in the first place?

I don't go around egging and toilet papering the houses of people who yell at little kids in bunny masks and Captain America costumes who ring a door bell saying, "Trick or Treat!" because they feel that observing Halloween offends their religious beliefs. One might even say that such individuals that want to uphold such a double standard have a "My Way or the High Way" or even "Yahweh or No Way" approach to life in all its aspects (see marriage and abortion debates for more info).

So, why isn't anyone talking about the War on Halloween and the attempt by some in society to deport Dracula and furlough Frankenstein?

Who knows, but I say, this October, if you're one of those partypoopers that wants Trick or Treaters banned under solicitation ordinances, wants your school to let the [weekend of the] 31st pass unnoticed, or if you're simply a permanent resident of a self-imposed 'No Fun Zone': If you want us to say "Merry Christmas" to you in December, then wish everyone a Happy Halloween and don't be a jerk about it, because it's a two way street.

For your entertainment, here's a full Donald Duck cartoon that depicts our favorite waterfowl being one of those Halloween Humbugs and how his costumed duck-nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, get back at him for being a scrooge, with the help of a hysterical and friendly witch named Hazel! Enjoy, and save me some candy corn!

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