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comrade casey - 10.21.2011

Oh No You Did-inh't!

So, funny story.

I recently sent a letter to the local political blogs, LuLac Political Letter and Gort42, in support of my good friend Liz Martin who is running for Dallas Township Supervisor (and by the way, if you live in Dallas Twp., please vote for Liz, she is an awesome person, and Jaron and I will both be working our asses off on election day to get her in office. Liz rules. Represent!). I wanted to give Liz a boost from any and all supporters that I had in the municipality from my run for County Council.

Then, I happened to read the comment section, albeit a day late, from LuLac's post on the subject. And boy, oh boy! It was quite the interesting find. As I fixed my early morning, omg-im-out-of-coffee-the-world-will-suffer-my-wrath eyes onto my computer screen, I noticed some interesting things said... Negative things. Not about Liz, mind you, which I was pretty happy about, but rather, about little ole' moi. Here's the 411:

From Anonymous Jerk No. 1: "Casey Evans nauseates me when he speaks of "holding office" as a Deistsrict Chair. He acts like being a District Chair is some form of accomplishment. Who did he run against to "win" that position? Seems like he is realy full of himself."

My response to Anonymous Jerk No. 1: Erm, what's a "Deistsrict Chair"? If I nauseate you, then ask your doctor if Pepto Bismol is right for you. For a 24 year old breaking in to the most tightly-knit and, in the case of some individuals, tightly-would, political scene for the very first time and becoming a District Chair in the majority party, yeah, I'd say I accomplished something. I ran against Jane Walsh-Waitkus for that position, and in case you haven't heard, she's one of the Democratic nominees for County Council now. Also, let me say that I adore Jane, and I think she's a fantastic person, and she'd make a wonderful County Councilmember. I hope she does well on election day. But, I have to wonder why Anonymous Jerk No. 1 wanted to know that. As for being full of myself, how about this: Going online and posting petty insults about people without leaving your name is not only being full of oneself, but also, being a coward. Come on man, this is politics, not high school. So, I invite you -- yes, you, Anonymous Jerk No. 1! -- to comment on my blog, Caffeinated Politics, and we'll have a civil, frank discussion about my, and your, positions in county politics and we can weigh accomplishments, because I guarantee you, I've done a lot throughout my career, and a ton of it since I, yes, took office as District Chairman. Please take my invitation, AJNo.1, and this time, try to not to resort to your time honored debate tactic of being an a**hole.

From Anonymous Awesome Person No. 1: "evans beat jane waitkus for the position from what im told. waitkus is now running for county council. beating a political insider seems to be a big accomplishment for someone so young. anyone who gets his name trashed for the simple fact of having a boyfriend and being a dude at the same time and surviving it has earned the right to say what he wants. i didnt vote for him in may but i wish i had."

My response: Ummmm....... how do you know so much about me? Jane, is that you? :] Seriously, thank you, friend, that's quite humbling. I haven't shown him the LuLac comment section yet, but I'm sure Jaron would thank you, too. I do, however, wish people would remember me for the issues I fight for instead of who I love. I also appreciate that you wish you could go back in time and vote for me -- believe me, I wish you could go back in time and vote for me, too! -- but there's always a next time. You'll see my name on a ballot again very soon, don't worry, friend. Again, thank you.

From Anonymous Jerk No. 2: Pardon me, but were forgetting some things. Casey Evans is a socialist who wants government run health care and wants to destroy the private insurance where we actually have the freedom to choose our medical plans. He supports the slaughter of unborn children and calls it a "right". He wants to punish the rich for working hard every day of their lives to make their fortunes and give their money to people to stay on unemployment. Don't forget he is a HOMOSEXUAL he is going to HELL.
[LuLac's] EDITOR'S NOTE: The rest was deleted because it was hate speech.

My response: Hmmmmm. Okay, a couple of points, here. First, if you want to call me a socialist because I believe in reducing the income inequality gap, believe in eradicating economic and social injustice, and point out how HMOs screw the U.S. citizenry on a regular basis and suggest that perhaps a health care system run by the people, for the people, might be a better way of, you know, keeping the American people healthy and NOT letting them die because they might not be able to afford the treatments and medications that would save their lives, then you go right ahead. If that makes me a socialist, then so be it. I'll wear that label with pride. Second, I will always stand up and fight to protect a woman's Constitutional right to make her own medical decisions. If my position on that issue is going to be a problem for you, then you should probably vote for somebody else in the future. Third, BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm not even touching "ohhh the poor, poor rich people" comment. That's so ridiculous it speaks for itself. I fight for the poor and the middle class. The rich don't need me to fight for them, because, alas, they have people they can pay to do that for them. And yes, I really did laugh like that when I read that. And Fourth, yes, I'm gay. I don't really see how that is, at all, an issue for people, or why people choose to care more about my personal life than I do, but since they do, and since they want to make a whole big deal out of it, I'll fly my personal rainbow flag with pride. In fact, if I find out that my gayness upsets Anonymous Jerk No. 2, then obviously, I'll have to find out who this person is and make it a goal to be even more gay when I see them in public. Maybe Jaron and I could -- GASP! -- HOLD HANDS! :O If I'm going to Hell for being gay, then AJNo.2 is going to Hell for acting contrary to what Jesus said Christians should act like. In fact, I'd wager that if Jesus met this person, he'd casually walk away from them with the best "I'm pretending I don't know you" face you've ever seen.

And, Finally, From Anonymous Cool Person: "I am a Republican and I think Casey Evans is a really nice guy. Personal attacks against him are immature, hateful and just plan wrong. That being said, he is an unapologetic socialist whom I disagree with. But I would never let my difference in political views affect how I view him as a person."

My response: Thanks!!... I think. In all seriousness, it's very cool of you to stand up for me, and since it appears as though I know you offline, although you posted anonymously, please let me know who you are, because, my Republican friend, if I see you out somewhere, you get a free beer on me for being a stand up person. I tip my hat to you, sir or madam.

When we were joking around on the phone one day, you know, making fun of the people that called me a socialist/communist/leninist/marxist/whatever during the last election, Jaron mentioned to me that the natural slam for me would most likely be "Comrade Casey", and that in the future, that's what the right-wing will come to call me. I think he should get his brain checked for psychic abilities, because he saw this coming from a mile away. However, perhaps I can capitalize on the situation and start printing up "Comrade Casey" shirts and stickers and such..... actually, I think that's EXACTLY what I'm going to do! I'm serious, I'm going to get working on this.... I mean, hey, if people are going to make fun of me, I should at least be able to make a quick buck off of their stupidity, right? Maybe I can donate the proceeds to a good cause. Like, say, gay rights!

And Speaking of Squabbles!

It appears as though there will be a forum for the candidates for Mayor of Wilkes-Barre this Wednesday, October 26th, at Wilkes University! Holy Talking Points, Batman! Incumbent Mayor and Democrat Tom Leighton, Libertarian Betsy Summers, and Republican Lisa Cope will square off with one another in what I anticipate to be quite the show. If I don't have work, I'm going to head down to the campus and, hopefully, they'll let me bring popcorn and maybe one of those big cherry slushees that you get at the movies. Keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times, because this is going to be one hell of a ride!

While We're On The Subject...

Yesterday, it came to my attention that Lisa Cope, the aforementioned GOP candidate for Mayor of Wilkes-Barre, is going around telling people that Libertarian Betsy Summers supports drug use. This blatantly untrue statement left me flabbergasted -- yes, flabbergasted! I have been waiting a LONG time to use that word in a sentence -- because it's the sign of a campaign that's pretty desperate. Ms. Cope, if that's all your campaign has to offer the people of Wilkes-Barre then you need to go back to the Kindergarten class of political school where you belong. Anyone who has ever met Betsy will tell you that she's classy, sassy, and smart. She listens to what people have to say, even those that disagree with her politically, and if that's not an indicator of good leadership skills, then I don't know what is. Ms. Cope is trying to tell everyone that a Mayor Betsy Summers would barge into your house, stick a joint in your mouth, and light it for you, and that just shows you what a sorry state her candidacy is in. The fact that Betsy Summers has taken all of this in stride and has kept her head held high proves what a dignified and classy woman she is, and I salute her, because trust me, I know what it feels like when people talk smack on you in public and say things that aren't true. I'm not gonna lie, it hurts. That's beyond negative campaigning, that's political slander, in my opinion; it's false rhetoric designed to discredit another candidate and make that candidate look bad. But the only person that this tactic makes look bad is Lisa Cope. You know, I told you all I would try not to curse on this blog, but I have to say this: That is the shittiest campaign move I have ever seen in Luzerne County politics. Poor form, Lisa. Poor form.

If you agree, perhaps you might want to go on to Lisa Cope's Facebook Page and tell her that nobody likes a liar or a bully.

Songs You Should Listen To

For this edition of Songs You Should Listen To, I invite you all to tune your ears to the epic sounds of Muse, my favorite band in the world. They're a mix of rock, classical, and progressive. This song is dedicated to all of the [good] candidates running in this election. From the lyrics: "The best, you've got to be the best, you've got to change the world, and use this chance to be heard. Your time is now."

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