Thursday, October 20, 2011

time for a different perspective

So, here I sit, at 5:45 a.m., as I watch the holy-hell-i'm-up-way-to-early-for-this news end and Morning Joe start on MSNBC and regretting having gotten up in the first place, when I, as per my daily routine, log on to the Times Leader and Citizens Voice websites to read the letters to the editor (what can I say, it's a guilty pleasure) and subsequently check LuLac and Gort for the latest happenings in the local political scene. Of course, they deliver the usual buzz with all of the candor and reliability that we have come to expect from them, and then it occurs to me...

"I could totally do this, too."

Okay, well actually the original thought was, "Ughh, why did I have to drink more coffee than half of Manhattan yesterday, crash so early, and now am up at what I believe to be the most unholy hour of the day." And then, like the Muse* herself descended from Olympus to grant me my own personal fortune cookie of inspiration, I was inspired to slave over a hot (or rather, mildly warm) keyboard for about 15 minutes and I created Caffeinated Politics. I'm going to be posting my thoughts about issues and current events or anything else I think is worthy of having an opinion attached to it. Most of this will be local and national.

Some of this will be international! My partner -- the ever-loveable, blue eyed, naturally blonde, unusually tall and always awesome Jaron -- is a Canadian born citizen, so we follow the goings on in the True North Strong and Free on a somewhat regular basis. Musings about what our hockey-loving neighbors who have sworn their allegiance to the maple leaf, Wayne Gretsky, and general awesomeness are up to will both educate the mind and stimulate the senses.

So, I hope you're all ready for my raw, unrestrained wit and sarcasm and genetic inability to give a damn what the right-wing thinks (Oh, and btw, debates are both welcomed and encouraged.). It's time for a younger perspective on this crazy world of ours, and I am more than happy to answer that call.

On one final note: I like to think of myself as somewhat of a classy guy, so I will refrain from posting profanity, and that includes if you decide to comment on anything. I reserve the right to delete your comments if I find them to be offensive, however, if your comments are out-of-this-world crazy, I may let them through, if only so the offending poster can endure public humiliation. One exception though, and those of you familiar with the [mindblowing] television series on SyFy called Battlestar Galactica will know what I'm talking about, is a euphemism for a certain word that starts with F and rhymes with duck: That's right! The F-Bomb! While I won't type such a word on here, I will warn you ahead of time that I have a substitute word that I will utilize instead, just so my more "emphasized" posts don't lose their punch. That word is frak; i.e., "that's frakking ridiculous!" or "what the frak was that about?!". If this word (that got BSG past the FCC sensors) offends you, I highly suggest you go to another blog -- for example, 'Betty's Blog on Beautiful Bouquets' might be right for you. My blog, my rules, so deal with it.

*Muse not only pertains in this context to not only the historical masters of inspiration, but also pertains to the name of the greatest band that has ever graced the face of the planet. Their music will be making frequent appearances.

Welcome and Enjoy.

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