Wednesday, November 2, 2011

back in business - 11.2.2011


Yes, I know, we took a short break, and yes, I've received your messages about where we went. Two things happened: One, Halloween, and I wanted to enjoy my favorite holiday. Two, I had a strange thing happen to me, and since I'm an open and honest guy, I'll share. At the Democratic cocktail party, for reasons that I (nor can my doctor) cannot explain, I had a severe drop in blood pressure. It was completely random, but it was enough to make me faint and when I fell, my head apparently "bounced" off of the concrete floor of the Ramada hotel. Then, I came to, fainted once more, and tapped my noggin again. I got checked out the following day, and other than a little confusion and fuzziness, I was fine. No concussion, no bleeding. I lucked out.

I don't know what caused it, but just to be safe, I've cut energy drinks/shots out completely, and am watching my sugar intake. To my knowledge, I'm not diabetic, though it runs in my family, so I will be getting tested for that, too.

Needles. Joy.

But hey! We're back in business! Now, on to the good stuff

Paranormal Disappointment

I finally got to see Paranormal Activity 3, and contrary to what I thought it was going to be, it sucked. Severely. They clearly cut a good 45 minutes out of the movie and the ending was so hokey it made the ending of The Last Excorcism look like an Oscar worthy performance. Maybe they'll redeem themselves in Paranormal Activity 4. I've heard rumors about a high school, this time. And trust me, there's nothing creepier than three things: creepy kids in horror movies, creepy old folks in horror movies, and creepy high school buildings at night in horror movies.

The Sanctimoniousness of Marriage

Two things happened this week. One, the National Organization for Marriage had an advertised display for their bigoted brigade of discriminating dorks in the Granite State. New Hampshire is one of the few states in the nation where Jaron and I could get married if we wanted to, and this wonderful goon squad wants to take that right away from us. Anyway. They advertised this photo of a crowd at a rally opposing same-sex marriage:

Oh WOW! That looks like quite a large gathering of anti-equality assholes, doesn't it! Wow, I'm sure shaking in my left-wing, socialist, gay agenda-promoting boots!

But, much like their anti-gay platform is based on lies, falsehoods, and misinformation, so are their political tactics. You see that massive crowd of people supposedly standing up for a state's perrogative to make gays second class citizens? It's actually a photograph taken from a rally from 2008 in favor of then-Senator Barack Obama's candidacy for president. Observe:

Now, I highly doubt that people going to an Obama event are generally the type that want to ban same-sex marriage.

But WAIT! It really, really does get better! I give you photo number 2! From the National Organization for Marriage in New Hamspshire, here's a second ad, showing a bunch of tireless crusaders for everything traditional, looking to take our country back to 1685:

Yeah! Look at all of those brave souls fighting to take away what few equal rights I have in this country. Boo-yeah! ....But wait.... something about that photo looks strangely familiar........

IT'S FROM AN OBAMA RALLY! Check out the left hand side of both crowds... anyone look familiar?? Again, not the type of people that would want their likenesses being used to promote institutionalized hate.

I'm wondering something... The fact that NOM is using photos from Obama rallies for their nefarious legislative purposes can mean only one thing, right? That maybe they have to fake the support for the repeal of marriage equality because New Hampshire doesn't want marriage equality repealed! According to a recent poll by NH news outlet, WMUR, 50% of New Hampshire residents want to keep marriage an equal right in the Granite State while only 27% want it to go away. In addition, in the same poll, it shows that only 8% of New Hampshire residents felt that marriage equality had negatively impacted their state while the vast majority -- to the tune of 88% -- felt it had little or no impact on their lives.

Maybe NOM is the oppressed majority they claim to be, being that they want people who support gay rights investigated by the federal government for harassing them and all (though what they call harassment, the rest of us call participation in the democratic process and not voting their way).

Or maybe, they're just a bunch of assholes:

Like, Woah, Man...

Here's the second thing that happened this week. Again, in the much talked about State of New Hampshire, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R-Obviously) was clearly in rare form as he gave a campaign speech.... Some are saying he was drunk. I've been around drunk people, and that's not how they act. Jaron and I closely examined the video footage of this incident, and after laughing hysterically, and subsequently watching it a second time, we came to two conclusions: 1, PLEASE GOD LET RICK PERRY BE THE GOP PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE. And 2, this guy was high. That's right, high. If Rick Perry wasn't stoned off his ass at that speech, then I'm an NRA member. But why take my word for it when you can watch it in all of its glory, yourself:

Songs You Should Listen To

This song is dedicated to all of those punks who said I was too young for a seat on County Council, yet now think Stefanie Salavantis and Steve Urban, Jr. are just right to vote for. It's a cover of a Wheatus song, updated for my generation (i.e., New Found Glory instead of Iron Maiden. I really DO love NFG!). I guess I'm just a Teenage Dirtbag, baby, you don't know what you're missin'!

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